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CISPro Modules

Download Cispro POS Software Demo

Point of Sale Entry

The Point of Sale (POS) system is the heart of CISPro. All sales transactions go through here, and virtually all status and historical information can be obtained with a few mouse clicks from this screen (or the two variations of this screen - including a large size font for better viewing). For a quick 6 minute demo,
select CISPro Point of Sale Online Demo

Point of Sale Software Interface
  • Template previous Point of Sale Invoice to create new one to save time. Works well to refund the same items on an invoice.
  • Split payments, bill to another client or use store credits on file.
  • Enter product by barcoded labels easily. QuickSale option makes processing POS retail items quick and easy.
  • Rentals and loaners accommodated with rental extensions feature.
  • View backorder status on any customer, any inventory product including date ordered and estimated time of delivery.
  • Email a PDF copy of the invoice to multiple contacts.
  • Calculate profit margins, adjust pricing by discounts or margins (line item or whole invoice) and view total cost/profit per invoice.
  • Add-on sales recommendations popup for certain inventory items.
  • Enter internal notes for each line including manufacturer rebate amounts.
  • Customer sales history, Customer account details, Inventory information and sales history all available with one click or one keystroke.
  • Exchanges and returns on the same document as invoicing.
  • Unlimited comments allowed.
  • Split tenders by cash, cheques, credit cards, gift certificates and coupons.
  • Convert Quotations, Service Work Orders to sales orders or invoices.
  • Access customer and inventory sales history from one screen.
  • Add new customers in the Point of Sale Screen.
  • Scan barcodes for inventory items.
  • Serial numbers requested automatically if flagged in inventory.
  • Reprint any document.
  • Split Commission between two salespeople.
  • Separate billing address and shipping address available.
  • End of Day reporting with detail line for each invoice, showing voids, tendered type, taxes, etc.
  • Backorders kept on file until filled or cancelled.
  • Payment on account, deposits for orders and invoicing all on one easy to use screen.
  • Process recurring invoices each month automatically.
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