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Inventory Control Software

Our Inventory control software is simple to use, yet contains a multitude of features that are in packages costing 5 times as much. Inventory setup is done through the Inventory Maintenance screen below.

Inventory Control Software
  • Departments and Categories define the inventory groupings.
  • 6 Pricing levels for clients.
  • Template Last and Price Code setup for common markup, discount or direct pricing reduces time when entering new product.
  • Kit type items allow up to 20 items per kit (with 2nd level kits allowed) for combination products.
  • Coupon type items track purchases made by coupons.
  • Sales start/end dates and promotion codes allow for automatic pricing for sales promotions.
  • Add-on sales recommendations setup for certain inventory items.
  • Multiple vendors and vendor part numbers for each item.
  • Designate reorder points – minimum stocking levels and suggested order quantities
  • Use either whole numbers or 2 decimals.
  • Tracks serial numbers. (Up to three serial number types per item – for instance: serial#, cell phone#, cell phone ID#)
  • Custom form for each inventory item pops up on the POS screen for entry and tracking of up to 30 designated fields.
  • Discount Item Type allows one line or multi-line discounts based on a standard percentage to be used in the Point of Sale.
  • Extra User Defined fields are available (field names are changed in System Setup) so that you can group your inventory by your own designations.

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