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Can I alter Reports and Invoice formats?

Yes. All reports and formats for invoices, purchase orders, quotes, etc can be altered through a report writer integral to CISPro. We'll help you change the report and train you on how you can do it yourself. Company logos, font changes, additional reporting fields can be added to create your own customized document. Pictures such as staff photos can be added to quotations for better presentation as well.

I have Simply Accounting - is it compatible?

Although CISPro is not fully integrated with Simply Accounting (or other similar programs like Quick Books) , it can export sales summary figures with general ledger codes to a file that Simply Accounting imports into their General Journals. Most of our customers prefer to print out the summary page from CISPro and enter manually (usually a 5 minute job at month end). All detail remains in CISPro for easy lookup and Simply Accounting takes care of the Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll.

What is the difference between the Basic, Small Business and Enterprise Versions?

The Basic version allows access to the Point of Sale screen and the Inventory Maintenance screen. Cash reconciliation reports, Sales reports and Monthend reports are also accessible as well as Inventory Reports.

The Small Business Version adds on the Quotations Module, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Receiving and Return Merchandise screens and data. If you want to track each inventory item and its cost, when it was received and the average costing, you must have the Small Business version. The quotations module integrates with the Point of Sale screen so that you can convert quotes to invoices quickly and accurately.

The Enterprise Version includes all of the above and Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

Does it support bar code scanners?

CISPro supports any bar code scanner that interfaces with the keyboard (usually referred to as a Keyboard Wedge type) or through the USB port. Some scanners must be programmed to enter a carriage return after the barcode reads in. The scanner should be compatible with the type of barcode that you are going to use. (Codabar, UPC, etc). We recommend Metrologic ( - well priced and easy to use.

Our supplier has sent us discs with their catalogue on them. Can we import into CISPro?

CISPro has a general file import program, although we have performed many customized imports as well. The important thing is to make sure the files are compatible (spreadsheet, comma delimited, DBF formats are common), and that they are consistent from time to time. We have a common update program that can be customized to fit your supplier's formats. Options to update your entire inventory or to simply put into the cross reference file are available.

Do you have a payroll program available?

We are working on a Canadian Payroll package that will be integrated into the Service, Job Entry and General Ledger modules. Expected date of release is December 2009.

Do you have financing packages available?

We will finance the cost of CISPro to a maximum of 3 years at minimal interest rates (5% at the moment). We require a $500 minimum deposit (cheque or credit card acceptable).

We cannot afford the cost of an onsite visit (remote locations). How can we get proper training and install this product?

We have performed many remote installations all across Canada successfully. We use VNC, pcAnywhere, Citrix and other internet technologies to download the software and do training with a conference call combined with shadowing your screen. Essentially you click on a link, and we can see and manipulate your computer while talking to you via phone. No travel costs are charged.

We have multiple locations - can we use CISPro to manage them all with one database?

Yes, although there are different ways of doing this. Our recommended and tested installation is to have a terminal server in one location that serves the other locations. Using the internet and the proper security interfaces, you can setup each location to access the database at the same time. Inside CISPro, you setup Location IDs to distinguish each location/store. Global and individual store reporting on sales, inventory, purchasing, service work orders are all available with the benefit of knowing what stock is in each store. Security is such that you can configure salespeople in one store to only be able to access their own sales.

If I try the CISPro download will I have to start all over again after buying it?

No - all data that you enter will be preserved.

How will CISPro run on my network?

Download and put CISPro on your main server computer. Then share out the folder - on other machines simply map a network drive to that folder name and run CISPro.exe from the new mapped drive. It's that easy. All windows files needed are contained within the folder - so that if you want to move it to another computer, or even operate it off a memory stick - it will work as easily as above

Will CISPro remind me to add inventory when we run out?

Yes. There are three different methods. (1) Print a reorder analysis report from Inventory reports on a scheduled time. (2) Run the Suggested Orders option within Purchase Orders which calculates what to order based on your Inventory reorder levels (Min/Max). (3) A warning that will show up when you sell below the reorder level when invoicing.

When my business grows, will CISPro be able to expand with it?

CISPro's advanced database can accomodate up to 2 billion customers or part numbers, so volume is not a concern. Some of our customers have over 10 years of data stored on their systems and up to 20 different locations, all served by CISPro's feature rich program.

What abour several stores and a warehouse?

CISPro's multi-location module will accomodate up to 20 locations under one database with multiple levels of security to ensure data integrity.

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