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Custom Programming


We have created many different custom programs based on input from our clients in different industries. Programs that integrate tightly with CISPro and provide a more efficient method of accessing information from other systems including web sites. We work with web developers to develop the file interfaces between ecommerce sites and the CISPro Point of Sale entry to ensure proper accounting entries and inventory accuracy.

Customized reports are also available for a nominal $100 fee for most requests. Custom reporting is accessed within CISPro from a menu, and can be divided up into different security levels for different reports.

Our rates are reasonable, especially if the program will address the needs of our other clients.

Please send your request to us, along with all the detail concerning the program to integrate and the company that makes it and we'll provide an estimate for you. Email

CISPro Systems
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Victoria, BC, Canada   V8T 2C1
T: (778) 478-9559