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“ CISPro POS readily meets the demands of our business which includes service, warranty and retail sales, along with multiple locations. We use the Sales, Customers, Service, Inventory and Purchasing components and find that they are well designed and simplistic to use, while allowing “drilling down” for easy reference and include multiple search avenues.

The standard reporting is extensive, with custom designed reports available on request. Our company has used CISPro POS for 6 years and have found it to be a comprehensive system with continual upgrades being made to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Highly recommended! ” 

Mike Rosman RV Sales

“We have been using CISpro for over 5 years now.  There are many features that we like, the ability to export reports to excel for sorting and reconciling is a tremendous bonus.  The customer support in customizing reports has made our ability to track costs and do job costing much easier.  We also enjoy working with the customer support and tech assistance that the CISpro team provides us.  They are always ready to assist in any manner that they can.” 

Unifab Industries Ltd.

“The POS, with the use of the barcode reader, has made the job of our sales staff much easier.  The inventory system, with min/max, four decimal places, price levels, contract pricing and tax codes is great.  It guarantees the correct taxes and pricing on a personal level for each individual customer. I would strongly recommend this product”

Unifab Industries Ltd.

We at OneWorld have been a client of CISPro software for about five years. Our initial delve into POS software took us in many directions; however, after trialing many different types of software, we determined CIS Pro would best suit our needs. Initially, we were quite a small company and funds were being stretched in many different directions and value in purchasing was critical, just as it is now in our economic crisis. CISPro’s value along with the standard, easy to use, clearly presented POS features made it the perfect choice for OneWorld. Furthermore, during the past five years, although we have required very little customer service with the product, CISPro’s support team and response time has been exemplary.

OneWorld Office and TBU Security Systems.

"Cispro has excellent sales & inventory reports which I use daily. I can connect product sold to a customer, customer history is very important because of growing dancers I can refer back to their last size & for out of town customers if they can't remember pointe shoe size, I just look up their history. The detailed sales receipt is great (much better than a till receipt!)."

Dances Studios

"The best part for me is all the supplements I sell are linked to a customers history, so that during a sale I can see all of the products they have previously used. When they can't remember what product they used last time I can easily find it with the flavor and the size. The F3 key lets me see margin during a sale and the sales reports show me profit and margin on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The month end reports let me go back to last year’s sales at the same time to compare at the press of a button. Makes accounting a BREEZE. CISPro is the #1 tool in my store."

Popeyes Supplements Kelowna


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